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A Gifted Psychic, Medium and Spiritual Mentor/Guide.

Dr. Hawk M. Horvath is a gifted psychic, medium, writer and spiritual mentor. She is the owner of Horvath Spiritual Consulting, located in Rochester, Minnesota. Since early childhood Hawk knew she had special abilities due to her many profound experiences.  Although she didn't have a name for it back then, she knew she could see, hear and sense things that seemed oblivious to others.  These gifts include her ability to see and hear other dimensions as well as communicate with those who have died physical deaths.  Her mission is to assist individuals and small groups in illuminating their spiritual paths through inter-spiritual exploration and reflection.


Dr. Hawk doesn't tell you the future, unless something "pops" for her.  She believes that every individual holds the key to their future. Because of this, she can typically tunes into a person's past and present in order to help inform them about their future.  Her spiritual readings are very deep, personal, affordable, and for people of all ages.


In addition, Hawk is the founder, owner, and lead investigator of After Hours Paranormal Investigations. She has led two different teams since April 2007, throughout the country and as far away as Ireland. In addition, she teaches ghost hunting classes through Rochester, Mn Community Education, including GH101, GH201, Haunted Ireland, and Ghost Hunting: Close Encounters. 

During the fall months, you will find her on the Hauntings With Hawk Haunted Ghost Tours which include both Rochester, Mn and Mantorville, Mn!

You can find After Hours Paranormal Investigations, on Facebook.



Inspirational Speaker & Author

For over thirty years Hawk has engaged audiences across the South-Central and Midwest United States with her candid story-telling and practical messages of hope, inspiration, inclusivity, and spiritual development. In addition, she has published small group workshops and a variety of reflective pieces for various publications. In August of 2022 she published her first book, a memoir that sheds light on her movement from religion to spirituality. In addition she is working on a book detailing her seventeen-plus years as a psychic, medium and ghost hunter.

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