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Dr. Hawk Horvath is ordained clergy and holds a Master of Divinity and a Doctorate in Ministry in addition to being a Psychic, Medium and Spiritual Mentor.  She has over thirty years of experience sharing her gifts, training and education with senior living communities, individuals, small groups, churches and the public in general.


Hawk provides 1:1 readings for people of all ages, spiritual backgrounds and beliefs. Readings can involve spiritual mentoring as well as letting the individual know if "anyone" is there with them.  The "anyone" can be angels, spirit guides or a loved one who has died. She offers 2 different types of readings:  Psychic/Medium/Spiritual Mentoring Readings and Akashic Record Readings. Prices vary for the 2 different types of Readings and the time allotment. 

House Readings

Feeling like there is unexplained paranormal activity in your home or business?  Hawk is available to come to you and read the building and land it is on.  She brings along a member of her team, After Hours Paranormal Investigations, who runs one or two pieces of equipment while Hawk reads.  

Weddings/Holy Union/Committment Ceremonies

All ceremonies are custom-designed to fit the couple!  With over thirty years of experience, Hawk will work with you to make your special day an incredible one!  She is experienced with formal weddings large and small, private ceremonies, casual gatherings, Christian services, Handfasting and more.

Memorial Services

One of the most sacred opportunities, according to Hawk, is being able to give someone a good "send-off".  Whether it be large or small, graveside, garden, church, funeral or memorial service, she is available to officiate a personal "good-bye" for and with family and friends.

Speaker for your Group or Organization

One of the things Hawk most enjoys is speaking to groups and organizations about her 14+ years as a ghost hunter! She has travelled around the country and as far away as Ireland, investigating haunted locations.  In addition she is the premier ghost hunting expert on the Rochester Haunted Trolley.  She will share stories and experiences as well as audio and video of some of the evidence she has captured on investigations over the years.

Djembe Drumming Circle

Whether a novice, intermediate or expert drummer, you will enjoy laying down a pound of sound with Hawk!  She enjoys introducing students of all ages to drumming, particularly those new to the drum..

What Customers Are Saying

"I highly recommend Horvath Spiritual Consulting. Hawk is absolutely amazing!" --Genelle D.

"Hawk is an incredibly gifted psychic and medium. I have been to her many times.  She is also a wonderful mentor!" --Karen B.

"Hawk is incredible! Her guidance and gifts have helped me develop and improve myself as a person and advance in my career!"-Jake B.

"Hawk offers a curious soul which compliments how she approached the energies that joined us at our session."-Carol B.

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