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Why the Whale Tail as my logo?


I have had the pleasure of being on three whale watches during my lifetime. One was in the vicinity of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Another was just off the Boston shore. And the third, was in the waters surrounding Maui, Hawaii. The whale has fascinated humanity throughout the ages, with its size, power, and maternal instinct. In many ancient cultures, whales are considered wise and ancient beings. Their flukes (tails) push them through the water and dive them down deep into the dark depths of the ocean. One of the things I learned on all three excursions is that once the whale shows you its tail, it is diving deep, and may not be seen again for a period of time, perhaps not for the rest of the day.

I believe whale tails symbolize a connection between the depths of our unconscious mind, and our emotions. I believe they are calling us to go deeper into that which is yet unseen, and thus, out of our comfort zone. For over sixteen years Hawk has worked to help people examine their spiritual lives and GO DEEPER. It means stepping out in faith to delve deeper into our spiritual journeys. If you are ready to shift, evolve and grow, book an appointment with Hawk, today!


Educational Opportunities

Hawk creates workshops and materials depending on your organization's specific needs. Some of the many topics she can currently deliver include:

  • Out of the Woods: A Guide to Establishing Healthy Life Priorities.
  • Ghost Hunting 101 and 201
  • The Eight Essentials for a Healthy & Thriving Congregation
  • Developing Your Personal Spiritual Retreat
  • Rekindling the Fire Within
  • Open Hearts, Open Doors: Opening the Doors of the Church to the Transgender Community
  • Hope & Healing for the Holiday's
  • Ghost Hunting: Close Encounters
  • Haunted Ireland

Hawk is available to speak to your organization 

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