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Dr. Hawk M. Horvath D.Min

Hawk holds a BA in Psychology from Bethel College. She received her Master of Divinity from United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, and her Doctorate in Ministry from Phillips Theological Seminary of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

She believes that each and every one of us has a spiritual path. The problem comes, she says, when our path and beliefs are dictated by others, and we don't come to terms with what we truly believe and why we believe it. Her mission is to assist individuals and small groups in illuminating their spiritual paths through exploration and reflection.

Why the Tree as my logo?

“The trees are called Standing People because they are our teachers. They do not walk about like human beings, but they do hold the energy of earth and sky. The roots of trees go deep into our Mother Earth, and their branches reach for the sunlight high in the sky. These teachers of the woods show humankind how to balance the male and female energies present in every human being. Through their example, we can learn how to give and receive. The trees are firmly grounded in the earth and are reaching for the heavens with their branches, showing human beings how to bridge between the tangible and nontangible worlds. The balance between demonstrative and receptive is found in the heart of humans and in the trunk of the trees.

These living examples of balance allow humankind to discover the flow of life force that brings inner peace. It is circular and flows up through the roots to the top of the branches, traveling down to the roots again, creating a recycling of energy.

Wisdom Keeper, the Clan Mother of the Second Moon Cycle reminds us that when we can see the energy coursing through our bodies, like the circular flow of the trees being fed by the Earth, we can find balance. When we accomplish this task, we no longer leak, waste, or misuse our energy because it is constantly being recycled.”

-Jamie Sams, Earth Medicine: Ancestors Ways Of Harmony For Many Moons p.45

Educational Opportunities

Hawk creates workshops and materials depending on your organization's specific needs. Some of the many topics she can currently deliver include:

  • Out of the Woods: A Guide to Establishing Healthy Life Priorities.
  • Ghost Hunting 101 and 201
  • The Eight Essentials for a Healthy & Thriving Congregation
  • Developing Your Personal Spiritual Retreat
  • Rekindling the Fire Within
  • Open Hearts, Open Doors: Opening the Doors of the Church to the Transgender Community
  • Hope & Healing for the Holiday's
  • Ghost Hunting: Close Encounters
  • Haunted Ireland

Hawk is available to speak to your organization 

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